▀ (3235) Anonymous whispered, "What if Supernatural ends with Dean and Sam being caught in a fire and not being able to get out?"




No but imagine after their last boss fight of the series, the building was set aflame during the fight.

They’ve tried everything to get out.

But there’s no windows. And the one door is blocked from the roof caving in.

And Dean has even prayed to Castiel, but Castiel is trapped elsewhere. He hears Dean’s prayers, his pleading desperate prayers, but is unable to come.

And Sam is about to pass out from the smoke.

So Dean just does the only thing he can and wraps his arms around his little brother. And says “I’ve got you little brother. It’ll be okay. I can carry you”

And he leads him over to an area the flames haven’t reached yet.

And there is no way out. No way out.

And they hold each other close.

Flames cross the screen, and then it cuts to black.

And this song begins to play as the credits roll

And everyone is upset, so they turn off there Television screens because they are pissed and in tears.

But if you wait around till after the credits you will see this:


And Castiel in the distance:


Still watching over his Winchesters in Heaven.


Queue every happy Heaven headcanon you’ve ever had.

The End.

Or Castiel is there with them and he is unable to help them because he is unable to teleport a demon, and Sam will not leave Dean behind. So they die together and then Castiel joins them in their heaven because he was given special perks for helping them stop the apocalypse again.

Oh hon, if we’re going the post-season 9 route this just got so much worse. I was just assuming that Dean was human again. But if you want him to be a demon…

No more happy ending.

Alright, to start, Dean is a demon. And as someone suggested, say he’s the one who started the fire.

Cas and Sam were there to try and help Dean. Try to bring him back to reality, because the entire season he has been off with Crowley doing horrible demonic things.

Castiel is completely human by this point because his grace burned out. They’re all locked in that burning building. Dean could smoke out and free himself. Dean is very tempted to do this. But he enjoys pain. He takes pleasure from it.

And so Dean watches as Sam and Cas die in agonizing pain.

And that’s what snaps Dean back, his eyes go from pitch black to green.

That’s what brings the one trace of humanity back to Dean.

But now Sam and Cas’s souls are now in heaven.

Dean is trapped on earth, or in hell, alone, as a demon. In a new vessel, because he had to leave the other behind. And he’s finally aware of how much pain he has caused while he was a demon. Finally aware of how much Sam and Cas were trying to help him. But he’s unable to reunite with them. Because as a demon, his soul is damned for eternity.

Just as Cain was forced to live without Abel and Colette, Dean is forced to live without Sam and Cas.

The end.




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Sams face on deans looks fine

holy shit Deans face does’t look good on any but his own wut